Sza, The Supermodel.

Sza redefines what a supermodel is in a magical, empowering kind of way, with her new single, Supermodel. She is an open book by being vulnerable and confronting her self-worth. She unleashes her inner supermodel, thanks to the help of little fairies who sprinkle her with dust, she cuts down her taunter using her inner magic. “I could be a supermodel if you believe/If you see it in me. . . I don’t see myself,”.

As a 20 something women, I appreciate this track a lot. With all the pressure to look a certain way, it can be hard to be yourself. This song reassured me that I am my own supermodel in my own right. Inside all of us is this inner supermodel waiting to be released, only if the world wants to see it.

So fuck trying to “fit in” to this box that society views as beautiful. Embrace your flaws and all and remember you are not alone in trying to feel like you belong, you are a S U P E R M O D E L.

Check out her latest video here:


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